Gurus know all.

Only AppGuru cloud app management gives IT the complete combination of app discovery and monitoring with provisioning and control. This allows you, the IT pro, to not only know what’s happening on your network, but also take action to better position your organization for success. Built by LogMeIn, a company that’s been servicing the IT industry for a decade.

The perfect storm

IT knows the successful adoption of cloud apps is dependent on user preference more than ever, since users have more options than ever. Yet, IT still has a role to play when it comes to guiding the business towards applications that balance the user preference and business needs. AppGuru allows IT to insert themselves into the cloud app adoption lifecycle by first discovering exactly what’s being used in the company, then managing the rollout and usage of essential business apps. The perfect solution to the perfect storm.

Secure, worry-free discovery

AppGuru is the worry-free way to stay on top of cloud app usage and trends. It provides a comprehensive view of cloud app activity on your network, so you can sanction apps that make users more productive and identify apps that pose security risks or consume an unfair share of bandwidth. Unlike some other cloud discovery technologies, AppGuru does not decrypt customer data or require the installation of software on end user devices, so your rollout is secure and simplified. And through integration with Active Directory, AppGuru allows you to leverage your existing directory to identify users, their devices and activity on the network.

Next generation identity

Today’s identity management solutions really only solve one problem – single sign-on. But IT professionals are facing bigger challenges, such as controlling user provisioning across all critical cloud apps, more efficiently managing licenses, obtaining real-time visibility into what apps users are bringing into the workplace, and determining whether these employee-introduced apps complement or replace the ones you’re providing today. Solving these problems with AppGuru saves significant time, reduces the cost of delivering applications to the business, and allows you to factor employee preference into your IT decisions.

Built for all shapes and sizes of IT

Whether you are an internal IT professional or a Managed Service Provider serving the IT needs of other companies, AppGuru is built for you. The product offers the ability to delegate admin rights to other IT technicians, in addition to handling multiple companies from a single account for an MSP. Plus, there are insightful reports at your fingertips to give IT the robust information they demand in order to make strategic business decisions in a cloud-centric world.