The cloud app that trumps all cloud apps.

As a guru, you’ll never have to log into another cloud app admin console again. And you’ll never be in the dark about what cloud apps your users prefer. AppGuru provides IT pros with a suite of cloud app management functionality never thought possible from a single tool.

Discover cloud app usage on your network

Once the AppGuru client is downloaded and installed on a server in your internal network, AppGuru’s proprietary monitoring technology begins to capture and analyze the traffic that flows through your firewall from users and their devices to their favorite cloud apps. Within moments, the AppGuru user interface begins to visualize these results in an interactive view, which allows for numerous filtering, sorting, searching and exporting capabilities.

Leverage your Active Directory

By simply entering your domain admin credentials when prompted by AppGuru, users, groups and organizational units from Active Directory automatically start populating AppGuru’s cloud directory. Once the sync is completed, changes made in Active Directory will be reflected in AppGuru, allowing for easy provisioning and license management as users come and go from the company.

Integrates with cloud app APIs

AppGuru offers tight integration with each app’s unique administrator API. This means you get one-click user provisioning, centralized license management, and the ability to turn off features or enforce settings (e.g., storage limits) to better secure cloud applications for your business.

Sleek and simple user interface

AppGuru’s drag-and-drop interface is so intuitive that there’s practically zero learning curve to manage cloud apps for all your employees. To add a user, group, or organizational unit to a specific policy, simply drag your selection from the directory over to the desired cloud app tile on the other side of the screen. The users immediately have access to that app. Want to remove them? Just hit the “x” on the policy in their profile and they’re gone. It’s that simple!