One point of control.

AppGuru provides IT a single pane of glass to understand the influx of apps coming across their network every day, centralizes the management of user identities to ease the onboarding and offboarding of users and simplifies license and policy management. As a result, IT pros have the insights to encourage and even empower the widespread use of the best cloud apps, while having the control they need to mitigate potential inherent data loss and compliance risks.

App Discovery

Most IT professionals have limited insights into what cloud-based apps are being used on the company network, or if employees are following the usage policies the company set in place. AppGuru provides this essential information, showing you an up-to-date view of what apps are trending within your company, as well as who is accessing them and how often, so you can make informed decisions around standardization and company policy.

Cloud Directory

A single identity can be used to control a user’s access and usage rights across all of your applications, so you’re always in a position to stop or allow access. Add users directly to AppGuru or import users from existing applications without recreating your user directory.

Active Directory Sync

Most cloud apps don’t provide IT with native support for leveraging Active Directory. But when those apps are managed with AppGuru, you can sync users, groups and organizational units from Active Directory. Changes to user attributes and statuses are updated regularly, allowing you to manage cloud application access by simply provisioning, modifying or disabling user accounts in Active Directory.

App Provisioning

Create policy that allow you to easily grant groups of users access to all the right applications, or easily revoke access to applications and sensitive company data with a single click. By assigning app policies to a group, any new user you add to that group will automatically get those apps. Plus, you can create multiple policies per app for greater flexibility.

Policy Management

With AppGuru, the days of significant security and compliance risks posed by cloud apps are over. AppGuru provides you with granular policy enforcement to control app-level functionality. By centralizing the control of your apps, you’ll always have the right level of visibility into what users are able to do in the cloud.

Multi Account Management

The ability to easily jump between different client views in AppGuru provides IT service providers with the ability to easily manage all their clients from a single pane of glass.